Happy New Year 2019 Messages: There is nothing like a new year till we don’t change to our way of thinking, doesn’t matter how many days pass, how many years pass until we do not make our thinking new nothing will look new to us. Doesn’t sound good to you what I said above but this is the fact, many of us do the same thing which we used to do in a previous year, I am talking about bad things, they celebrate new year like they really know the meaning of new year.

Happy New Year 2019 Messages

I think one should celebrate New Year only if you really think that the upcoming year will be new and you will quit the old bad things that were causing harm to you and to others. On this, the auspicious day people love to be with their friends and family member to celebrate the festival with lots of happiness and joy. On this special occasion, there is a tradition to wish every near and dear one a very happy new year, and let them feel the importance of that moment. The moment, which is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, welcoming the New Year with lots of happiness and joy is said to be lucky. People usually experience lucky 365 days ahead, well!

  • “Every end marks a new beginning.Keep your spirits and determination unshaken,and you shall always walk the glory road.With courage, faith and great effort,you shall achieve everything you desire.I wish you a very Happy New Year.”


  • “Sincere Wishes Of Joy And Your FamilyThe Hope Of Christmas With New Year’S InspirationFor A Fantastic New Year.”


Happy New Year 2019 Messages Wishes

Then only you have the right to celebrate the New Year in a true meaning. For Happy New Year 2019 messages keep on reading this editorial.

Happy New Year 2019 quotes messages

As I told you that, we are giving you the reason for showing your love to your family and relatives, so I was right, as we have brought happy New Year 2019 messages for father, mother, brother and sister so you can send these messages to your loving family. New Year being one of the most awaited festivals is now on the edge of the celebration, the tik tok of the clock must be generating a kind of excitement within you, and that excitement would definitely result in lots of enjoyment with your friends on this eve.

  • “May The New Year See You Giving,Loving, Living And Lots Of Hugging!Wishing You A Happy And Healthy LifeAnd A Prosperous New Year.”
  • Before the calendar turns a new leaf over, before the social networking sites get flooded with messages, before the mobile networks get congested, let me take a quiet moment out to wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!
Happy New Year Messages 2019 Download
  • As January beckons, it’s new year again and the party was swinging, and I hope you are soon winging, your way to success, ‘cos you’re simply the best a sister could be, and always so very, very, good to me!
  • Let υs Welcome The Νew Year, Give The Ηappy Adieu Tο The Old, Start The New Beginning Withοut Fear, Αnd Cherish The Μemοries We Hold! Μay the New Υear 2018 give yοu loads of reasons tο celebrate and Ηave wonderful days Τhat are filled ωith laughter and gaiety.
WhatsApp Messages for New Year 2019

New Year Messages 2019

  • This New Year I want you to know that my love for you is as important to me as air for breathing, water for fish or sunlight for plants.
  • The bigger wish I have to receive the New Year is hug you strongly and feel that our love will be forever. Happy year of my life.
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Make your new year wishing expressing exciting by sharing these Happy new years 2019 GIF Video HD Images with your friends and family.

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Happy New Year Messages For Girlfriend 2019

It is the time to dig into the parties with friends and family. All nightclubs, theatres, pubs, amusement parks remain full of people of all ages. It’s like giving farewell to the old year, so all people gather at one place so that they can welcome New Year together. Some people start preparing for this day for many days before, they buy new dresses, new shoes and plan a party for this day. Live concerts are organized in different cities to entertain people with their dance, songs. Those people who don’t like an overcrowded place than they organize their private parties with their family and friends.

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Happy New Year Messages For Lovers
  • Good Morning.
    It Is Time To Jump Out Of Bed,
    Brush Your Teeth,
    Eat Your Breakfast And
    Get Ready To Grab
    All The Opportunities
    That Will Come Your Way.
    Happy First Good Morning of 2019
  • This Past Year Was Flawed,
    We Were Only Human.
    The Past Year Was Just A Year,
    Nothing But The Past.
    Now Is The Dawn Of A New Beginning
    And The Start Of The New Year.
    On To Better Times,
    And A Year’s Whose Flaws Are
    No More Serious Than A Pin Prick.
    Happy First Good Morning of New Year 2019
  • May Your Expectations
    This New Year Morning
    Be Realized With Each And Every day Of The Year.
    This Is To Wish You A Good Health
    That Will Maintain The Energy
    To Flip Your Wing
    While Soaring Into Greater Heights
    Towards Your Destiny.
    Happy New Year 2019
  • The Last Night Of 2018
    Will End Soon
    But The First Day Of 2014 Will Dawn Soon.
    I Wish You Complete Peace,
    Happiness And Courage In This New Year.
    Happy New Year!
Happy New Year Messages Wishes For Friends and Family

Happy New year messages for father 2019

In everybody lives, father played an important role, it silently does all the things for you without asking even a single question. Father is a pillar of our life without which our life is like building without any pillar and if there will be no pillar in the building for support than you know very well what will happen. We often show our love to our mother but never to father but I know you all love your father very much so if you have never shown your love towards your father then we are giving you a reason to tell him.



Happy New Year Greetings Message
Happy Holidays and New Year Wishes 2019

Thanks a lot for being with us we’ll be back with some more interesting stuff to be enjoyed on this special occasion so please stay tuned to enjoy this special occasion. For more New Year 2019 related stuff, you can navigate to your website.

Happy New Year Wishes Message

Happy New Year 2019 Messages for mother

The most awaited event of the world is New Year Eve, the New Year is observed on 1st January. The Day on which a new calendar comes into use is the New Year. Basically, New Year originates from the Gregorian calendar, today the whole world follows this tradition of New Year. On this day many people celebrate as this is the beginning of a New Year, people as make New Year resolutions that means they will be doing something Good this year onward, they can also leave their bad habits of bad deeds they are doing so far, this also includes cheating on someone.

Happy New Year Msg for friend 2019

Happy New Year Messages for Friends 2019

The New Year has arrived now as in this New Year we will be celebration and welcoming the New Year 2019 and say goodbye to the year 2018, most of the people will be searching for the New Year Short Messages for Friends so that they will be able to wish their loved ones and friends Happy New Year. Now many people will be now in Search of Cute Happy New Year Messages for Friends and Cute New Year Short SMS for Friends so here we will be providing you the latest and updated Happy New Year 2019 Short Messages for Friends.

Latest New Year 2019 Messages

Happy New Year Messages For Husband & Wife

People are ready to welcome the next year on the first day of the New Year with lots of happiness and enjoyment so that they forget all the bad experiences of the year. We have a huge and unique collection of New Year Wishes messages so you can download best messages and quotes for your family & friend and send him on New Year. Your gratitude will show your father and mother that how much they are important to you.

Happy New Year Messages 2019 For Friend

Happy New Year Messages For Lover (Boyfriend/Girlfriend)

The celebration of New Year is grand in metro cities whereas in small cities New Year celebration is not that grand. Some people do not like parties so stay back at their home and enjoy this day with their loved one and they welcome New Year by doing worship and by going temples. Though the way of celebrating New Year is different one thing is the same that is wishes. People wish each other by giving greeting cards and gifts but what about them who are living far away from you. Therefore, for those, we have brought New Year 2019 messages. We have a huge and exclusive collection of New Year 2019 messages.

Happy New Year Messages for Whatsapp/Facebook/Instagram

While experiencing the importance of this special occasion we as a team is working hard to let you experience the special New Year eve in the more special way with the help of some amazing, unique, and shareable stuff, with this stuff you can experience the eve more special while sharing them with your friends and family members. This particular post will help you out to explore Happy new year greeting messages 2019 with the help of which you can drop your love and respect as well as good luck as a wish from your side in your friend’s inbox, and let them as well as let yourself feel special on this special occasion. This the time to enjoy and enjoy it in a different way with the help of Happy New Year 2019 messages.

Happy New Year Wishes 2019

Happy New Year 2019 Short MSG

Majority of the individuals love to drink and dance with their friends in the club, pub or in a house party, some of the left enjoy the eve being in a get together sharing their experiences with their loved ones of the year. This particular celebration is considered one of the most important celebrations all because it is the last day of the year that is the 365th day of the year.

Best Happy New Year 2019 Messages in English, Hindi, French, Germany, Polish

New Year… when people ring out the old year and welcome the New Year with both arms open. Everyone has his or her own way of celebrating the New Year. Here you can get the Happy New Year 2019 Messages that you can use to express your feeling towards your family, relatives, friends and dear ones. To be true my 365 days are always a mixture of up’s and down’s but still, I too believe in this mythological thinking. Enjoy the day being in the mood to celebrate the occasion in possible exciting methods.

In Hindi

  • हस गुजरेगा साल नया हमें एतवार हैं !बसे परदेश तो क्या, नहीं कम प्यार हैं !!ख्वाबे मत देखना, आवाज़ रहता जिगर ख़याल हैं !मिलेगी इजाजत जानेमन लौट पहनाना बाँहे हार हैं !!नव वर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं
  • Aa gale lagja mere yaar
    Dedo jadu ki chappi do,
    charAise hi katjaye zindagi
    without anyrisk Isumeed ke sath
    wish you a Very happy new year
  • पुराना साल सबसे हो रहा है दूर,क्या करें यही है कुदरत का दस्तूर,पुरानी यादें सोच कर उदास ना हो तुम,नया साल आया है चलो, धूम मचा ले धूम मचा ले धूम…नव वर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं…
  • November gaya, December gaya,
    Or gaye saare tyohaar
    Naye saal ki belaa par jhoom raha sansaar
    Ab Jiska aap ko tha besabri se intzaar
    Mangalmaye ho aapke liye 2018 ka saal
    Aap Sabhi Ko Naye Saal Ki Shubhkamna
Happy New Year Messages Images

In English

  1. Cherish The Memories Of Yesterday, Celebrate Today & Wishing You. Enjoyable Moments Ahead. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year. May This Christmas Be Bright And Cheerful And May The New Year Begin On A Prosperous Note.

  3. Year’S End Is Neither And End Nor A Beginning But A Going On, With All The Wisdom That Experience Ca Instil In Us.

  4. May This New Year Be A Step Forward, In Leading You To New Adventures, New Road To Explore & New Success To Reach.

Happy New Year Messages to Friends

In French

  • Joyeux Noël et BonneAnnée ! – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Temps de Noël est une saison de grande joie. Ce est un moment de souvenir du passé et l’espoir pour l’avenir. Puisse le glorieux message de paix et d’amour vous comblera de joie lors de cette magnifique saison.

In German

  1. Sonne, Mond und Sterne,alles liegt in weiter Ferne,das Gute das ist ganz nah –ein glückliches und schönes neues Jahr!

  2. Ich bin die kleine Silvestermaus, steh leider nicht vor deinem Haus. Drum schick ich dir aus weiter Ferne, eine Hand voll Zaubersterne. Alles Gute für 2019!

  3. Lebe! Liebe! Lache! Auf diese Weise mache Dein neues Jahr zu einem Fest, das Dich Dein Leben feiern lässt.

Wishing Happy New Year Messages to Friends

In Polish

  1. Życzę szampańskiego Sylwestraoraz wszystkich radości a dużego szczęścia w Nowym Roku!

  2. Fantastycznego Sylwestra!!, Udanej zabawy!! – Duzo zdrowia ,radosci , sukcesow, pomyslnosci oraz spełnienie wszystkich marzen w Nowym Roku życzy(ą)

  3. Do siego roku

  4. Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku a wszystkiego najlepszego!

Happy New Year Messages For Family

Some celebrate this day by arranging parties and some welcome this day in a simple or traditional way. Many people celebrate and welcome the New Year with full enthusiasm and enjoyment. People arrange parties for the whole night of the 31st December 2018 and welcome the New Year 2019, most of the people gather together and celebrate. In most of the countries people gather together and do the countdown of the New Year 2019 and after the countdown, many Fireworks are burned and an amazing Fireworks Show is displayed in the sky on the New Year 2019 Eve. Now, most of the people want to wish their Loved ones so keeping this important thing in mind we have brought you the New Year 2019 Short MSG for Family and Cute New Year SMS messages for friends.

These messages are all new and in a different genre like humorous, simple, traditional, naughty etc., you can download these Happy New Year 2019 messages wishes quotes images from our site and then send them to your loved one.

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