Happy New Year Prayer 2019: The New Year is the time when you put off the old things and enter into new things that God has arranged for you. People enjoy this time of the year in their own way. Some organize parties, some visit church, some offer New Year prayers. Offering New Year prayers is one of the best ways of celebrating the New Year. However, after offering prayer you can enjoy the various gathering and parties with your loved ones.

Here we have shared some prayers for the good finish of the old year and to give a fresh start to the brand new year that God has gifted us. You can use these new year prayers 2019 a sample and can make changes into it by adding all the things for which you are Thankful to God.

Happy New Year Prayer 2019

Start the New Year by praising God and a heart filled with thankfulness that he has given you to the opportunity to step into future. New Year Prayers are the perfect way to give a kickass start to the New Year.

If you do not have enough words to thank the almighty, then just download the New Year prayer images shared below and praise on the first day of the year.

  • This New Year’s Day…

    New Year prayer images
    New Year prayer images
  • Thank you, Lord, for giving me…New Year prayer images 2019
  • Thank you for all the joys…thankyou New Year prayer images
  • A new year means new beginnings…..dear god new year prayer

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  • May God make your year a happy one…

    long new year prayer pic
    long new year prayer pic
  • May God make your year a happy one!new year prayer photo
  • Lord, whether I leave behind a year of joy…a prayer for new year
  • Heavenly Father, we thank you…prayer for the new year
  • Almighty and eternal God…new year prayer screenshot

New Year Family Prayer 2019

Along with praying for yourself, you must pray for your family and along with your family. This is because a family is a precious gift that the Lord has blessed us with.

Therefore, this New Year take some moments from the New Year celebration to Thank God for blessing you with a caring family, for the new beginning and for entering happily with it to the New Year.

Therefore, this New Year gathers with your family and says the given prayers with your family and for peace in your family on the New Year.

  • I’d like to thank you for this opportunity…New Year Family Prayer
  • God grant us this year a wider view…

    long New Year Family Prayer poem
    long New Year Family Prayer poem
  • Dear Lord, we pray that this New Year…

    short new year 2019 prayer
    short new year 2019 prayer
  • As this New Year commences, let us remember the past…welcomeing the new year with prayer

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  • Dear Lord, We pray that this New Year will bring us closer to you…

    printable new year prayer for family
    printable new year prayer for family
  • Oh loving Lord, Do you…prayer for my family new year 2019
  • O God our father, by the light of the Holy Spirit…family prayer for new year

Catholic Prayer New Year 2019

Catholics are always taught about prayers and the importance of the prayers. When there is an occasion of the New Year and everybody expresses their gratitude and wishes for a great new year to God, how can we forget the Catholics? There are lots of Catholic prayers for new year available on the internet but we have picked some of the best new year prayers for Catholics which anybody can say on the special occasion of the new year.

Have a look at these Catholic New Year prayers and pray for the happiness of all this New Year.

  • As a new year begins, we come to you and ask for your blessing…Catholic Prayer New Year
  • Thank You, Lord, for giving me…

    short Catholic Prayer New Year
    short Catholic Prayer New Year
  • Help us loving God…

    printable Catholic Prayer New Year
    printable Catholic Prayer New Year
  • God of the ages, you have blessed us…Catholic Prayer New Year wallpaper

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  • Lord, you make all things new…

    prinatble new year Catholic Prayer
    prinatble new year Catholic Prayer
  • Eternal God, we give you thanks for bringing us…Catholic Prayer for New Year 2019
  • God, bless to me the new day.

    god prayer for new year
    god prayer for new year

Happy New Year’s Prayer Poem 2019

You can also say prayers in the form of poems. This New Year along with your family and friends, praise God in a slightly different way with some New Year’s prayer poem.

In order to help in this, we have shared a bunch of amazing New Year prayers for you to say this New Year.

  • May you have enough happiness to keep you happy?

    New Year's Prayer Poem
    New Year’s Prayer Poem
  • As the year-end

    New Year Prayer Poem
    New Year Prayer Poem
  • At the beginning of this new day…

    Short New Year Prayer Poem
    Short New Year Prayer Poem
  • At the end of the year…

    end of the year new year prayer
    end of the year new year prayer
  • Dear God, May my life be of use to you this year…dear god new year poem

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  • Remember us, O God…god new year prayer

Happy New Year Prayer Wishes

New Year prayers are important for all as they remind of the spiritual values, build character, encourages doing positive things, building faith and enlightening the soul by bringing everyone close to the supreme power.

A prayer is very much essential for a new beginning. This new year during the celebration, take a moment to thank God for the last year and taking you to the New Year. Along with this, also ask for his forgiveness for the time where you have failed and disappointed him.

A prayer to thank the almighty that he has blessed you with the opportunity to enter into a brand new year is very much important to enlighten the heart for the new beginning. New Year prayer is a great tool to encourage a good behavior in all human beings and bring positive changes in them in the upcoming year.

These prayers can help you to show your gratefulness to the almighty God for being so gracious on you throughout the year and letting you enter into the New Year. Download and share with your loved ones so that they can start their new with a heart full of happiness, spirituality, courage, divinity, and respect for all.

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