Every guy on this earth wants to know how to impress a girl and make her fall in love so that he can have the best and most beautiful girl, but most of them fail to do so because they don’t exactly know how to impress a girl and from where to begin and where to end. In many cases, we might find the girl we like in the hands of somebody who is not at all worth her.

how to impress a girl
how to impress a girl

First of all, we need to keep some points in mind before impressing a girl –

  1. Girls are not at all like boys when it comes to liking someone or choosing a partner.
  2. The first thing all the girls in this world want to have in their partner is “lots of money”.
  3. Even in schools and colleges, the brightest students in any field are the center of attention because their future is kind of security which means lots of money.
  4. Although other than money different girls want different things in men.

So we need some smart tips on how to impress a girl we like as it is not possible for every man to be wealthy, Now let’s learn Ways to impress a girl.

Let your personality do the magic.

      1. Impress the girl with your personality: Having a great character gives you the edge, plus being relatable is a meaningful way to make the girl like you. So the great parts of your personality shine and try to develop your personality and fix it wherever you find imperfections.
      2. Be jovial and funny: Girls like a person who makes them laugh, that does not mean that you have to be a joker. It says that you need to be humorous and you should be able to make people laugh.
      3. Be playful: Scientific researchers have found that girls are attracted to guys who are playful as it is the sign of physical and reproductive ability, so try to do an explosion of your physical activities especially when she is around.
      4. Be interesting: Girls like those people who have exciting lives, and who do cool things for fun. Try to have very different hobbies like gardening, cooking and be passionate about them. No girl would like the guy who sits before T.V whole day.
      5. Be mysterious: Don’t let her know everything about you and your work tend to keep some things secret from her. You should able to use the sentences like: “I will tell you when the right time comes” in your conversations with her. In this way, you will become a mystery which she would undoubtedly like to solve.
      6. Be charming: James Bond movies are best sources of male charm they can help a bit. Have a witty conversation with the girl. You can like the questions about the family like “Where did you grow up?” But don’t get too deep into her family matters other questions like “What are your hobbies?” and “What is your dream tourist destination?” Etc can help you get more close to her because these are the things not everyone would be knowing?

        # Whenever you speak to her speak with full confidence and caution.

        # You can complement her sometimes but strictly avoid overdoing it.

        # If you are confident, you can praise her beauty and tell her how she is different and better from other girls, giving her a better rank in contrast with other girls can help but don’t let her know that you are really into her.

        # If you are nervous about complimenting her, say something like “I like your friendly attitude” ”You are brilliant” “You have an awesome dressing sense” etc.

        # Find out your strengths and what you are smart at because girls like smart guys try to keep increasing your general knowledge. Keep fascinating facts in your mind, and make firm grip in some subjects of common interest it could be anything from football to physics to fashion to music. It could be anything you need to know enough to impress her.

      7. Be friendly and be cool: Try to be helpful and nice to everyone don’t ever indulge in a fight when she is around because girls want to be in more peace than boys. Try to be friendly with all kind of people like geeks, goths , cool guys ,sportspersons, favorite guys etc. just be helpful with all and let her notice the attention you get from so many people, but this doesn’t mean that you pile up so many friends all of a sudden you need to work slowly and smartly.

Make friends with the girls especially her friends; this is very important as she can get to know about you from them and vice-versa. Act cool in front of the girls and reflect as many good qualities as possible in front of them, don’t ever let them absorb anything negative from you in that case you are in big trouble because negative things spread like fire among the girls.

How to Impress girl tips:

Impress a Girl

Be a good looking: A girl surely notices a guy when he is looking very nice. If you sound like an idiot, nobody would ever like to look at you.

  • Take a shower daily and take good care of your body. Keep yourself clean and tidy as girls don’t like the guys who sweat too much or smell odd.
  • Brush your teeth daily keep your mouth clean so that it doesn’t smell odd while talking.
    Shave every day and take good care of your face, if you have got pimples to consult a doctor, after all, a clean and tidy face only tells how handsome you look.
  • Use deodorants to hide the stale odour of your body. You can use Cologne for smelling more mature, don’t make anything too strong you need to avoid smelling bad.
  • Always take good care of your hair and do shampoo them regularly, keep them dressed always.
  • Wear nice clothes make a style statement of your own that doesn’t mean you need to wear very fancy and funky clothes be plain and straightforward and feel confident in whatever you are wearing.
  • A pair of jeans and light matching form-fitting T-shirt would do, other things can be adjusted according to the season and weather.

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Start talking to her and spend more time with her: to impress her you need to come into her notice, you have to find out ways to spend more time with her. Without this, your relationship is not going to happen.

  • Make eye contact with her it is imperative because it reflects your confidence. If you find her looking at you, try not to be the first one to look away instead try to smile at her, if she smiles back then you have the reason to be happy.
  • Stand by her side all the time, because she is the girl you like. So, if you find somebody badmouthing her get into the fight with that person make the issue as big as possible so that she gets to hear about it somehow. If you like her sticking up to her will give you great joy. Don’t make her guess whether you are on her side; show her that you are on her side.
  • Have conversations with her and listen to her give her chance to see what you can offer; how charming you are; how humorous you are, how warm of a person you are. Show her all these qualities.
  • Never lose confidence while confidence while talking to her, don’t be nervous. If you ever feel nervous remember that every man has a lion in him and let come out whatever you want to say. You are an alpha lion, and nothing is impossible for you.

Do something new with her: Try to something adventurous with her something which would increase the adrenaline rush like a haunted house or some roller coaster ride, if she is not comfortable with you to try to get some friends along. Doing such things together gives you common memories, and you will have something to talk in future, the adrenaline rush experienced together will create a great bond between you.

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Holidays are great opportunities to get closer to the girl. You can invite her to some outdoor movie trips, camping trips, beach trips etc. You can plan some party and welcome her.

All this time you have to keep knowing more about her, you need to know what she likes and what she hates, what are her hobbies, what’s her favorite food etc.

Now it is your time to make a move because you know her well.

Make her fall in love our next post we will take this to next stage in which you will get know how to ask a girl out for a date.

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