Merry Christmas in Welsh and their Tradition: Throughout the world Christmas, new year celebrations and their celebration are a favorite time of the year and like rest of the world welsh people celebrate Christmas and new year with zeal and enthusiasm.

Merry Christmas in Welsh is said Nadolig Llawen


Happy Merry Christmas and happy new year in Welsh is said Nadolig Llawen a bleddy Newydd dda

Wish all your Welsh friend the Christmas and New Year greetings in the Welsh language. Read below some of the brief welsh Christmas tradition.

Nadolig Llawen Image 2018
Nadolig Llawen Image 2018

Christmas is celebrated among Welsh people in a different way, many of them still follow the old traditions but with time other people have adapted modern way of celebration. At Christmas people attend special services at churches, these special prayers take place between 3 am and 6 am. In rural areas, men collect at churches and sing carols. After offering prayers to God, the celebration of Christmas starts that, include feasting and drinking.

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Merry Christmas 2019 in Welsh

Nadolig Llawen


Mae’n Nadolig. Mai cynorthwyydd tymor Nadolig yn y Flwyddyn Newydd ar wych. Gallai eich holl ddymuniadau gael eu cyflawni. Cael Nadolig gwych.


Y Nadolig yw’r amser ar gyfer dathliadau a lledaenu cariad. Nadolig Llawen i chi a’ch rhai annwyl!


On Christmas, people decorate their home with mistletoe and holly, in ancient time there was a weird tradition of Welsh people in which boys search for young girls and when they see any girl they beat that girl’s arm until her arm bled. Oohs now that is really weird and thank god this tradition is changed now and Welsh people do not perform such traditions on Christmas.

Nadolig Llawen Cariad 2018
Nadolig Llawen Cariad 2018

One more tradition that Welsh people used to perform on Christmas is that they decorate horse skull with false eyes and ear and then decorate that skull with ribbons and other decorative things and cover horse skull with white sheet after this group of people visit their neighbor home and sing bad verses and in reply the people inside also sing verses until  any one of them win the battle of verse but this tradition not practiced anymore, now people do visit their neighbor home but to sing Christmas carol and in return they get gifts and other goodies.

Happy New Year 2019 in Welsh

Happy Nadolig Llawen Dad 2018
Happy Nadolig Llawen Dad 2018

Now let’s talk about the Welsh new year, new is celebrated all around the world and different people celebrate this occasion in a different way but basically, the motive behind the celebration of the new year is to bid adieu to the old year and to welcome the new year. In Wales, it is believed that if on New Year, the first person who visits your home is the woman and the person who opens the door is the man then it is considered lucky.

Happy New year in Welsh

a blwyddyn newydd dda


Dymuno blwyddyn yn llawn gyda gobeithion, llawenydd a dechrau newydd


Mae blwyddyn newydd wedi cyrraedd ac mae’r posibiliadau’n ddiddiwedd. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda


Diolch am yr holl hwyl, ac eiliadau hyfryd a wnaethom. Gallwn ni gael llawer mwy yn y Flwyddyn Newydd wych.

One more thing that Welsh people believe that we should not lend anything to anyone on new year otherwise it will bring bad luck for them of them for the whole year and if you have any debts then you must clear it on New Year. On January 1st young boys carry the bowl of water and Christmas twig on their hand and sprinkle water on people and in return they get gifts. Therefore, this is how Christmas and New Year is celebrated in Wales and by Welsh people.

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