New Year 2019 Bengali Messages: On this special occasion of New Year, we have brought Happy New Year greetings in the Bengali language for all of you. We have compiled best and exclusive New Year 2019 wishes in Bengali font for you, as we have we huge collection of these New Year greetings so you can send as many as greetings to your loved ones.

Though New Year is celebrated all around the country but the tradition and way of celebration of New Year vary from state to state, also every state has different New Year according to their religious calendar.

New Year 2019 Bengali Messages


In India, New Year is celebrated along with the whole world that is on 31st December and it is celebrated on a huge scale especially in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. special programs are organized for New Year, famous celebrities give their performance on New Year and a huge crowd gathers to watch their performance. Fairs are also organized in different cities and people visit these places with their family and with their friends. If you are looking for a very happy Bengali New Year 2019 greeting then you are at right place.

Notun e din,
Notun alo,
Notun e bochor,
Notun kichhu bhalo,
Notun kichhu katha,
Notun kichhu asha Notun kore jibon niea notun sopno dekha.


This Poila Baisakh is an opportunity to hop on new adventures, find beauty in both joys & sorrows and enlightening soul-searching.  Subho Novo Boroso 2019


Wishing you a wonderful Poila Baisakh. May all your dreams come true, your aspirations find bigger wings and most importantly you feel loved wherever you go. Happy New Year 2019


Notun Surjo, Notun Pran, Notun Sur, Notun Gan,
Notun alloy katuk adhar, par hoye jao okul pathar,
Katuk Bishad Asuk Horso,

New Year 2019 Bengali Messages Lines Saying

Notun e din,
Notun alo,
Notun e bochor,
Notun kichhu bhalo,
Notun kichhu katha,
Notun kichhu asha Notun kore jibon niea notun sopno dekha.


Choitrer Raater Sheshe
Surjo Ashe Notun Beshe,
Shei Surjer Rongin Aalo
Muchhe Dik Jiboner Sokol Kalo
Shubho Nobo Borsho!


Nobo anand e jago aji Boisakh-er punno probhate. Sob jwala-jontrona jak muche. Asuk ekk notun bhor!

New Year 2019 Bengali Messages

the earlier new year was not celebrated in such big scale but nowadays it is celebrated no less than a festival, people do preparations for it many days prior, they buy special dresses for new year eve, feast, fireworks everything is done like a festival.

Bengali New Year 2019 SMS
Bengali New Year 2019 SMS

All around the world famous monuments and building are decorated especially for New Year and thousands of tourists who visit these countries collect at these places and enjoy fireworks happen at these places.

Bochor seser jhora pata
bollo ure eshe,
Ekti bochor periye gelo
haoyar sathe vese,
Natun bochor asche taake
jotno kore rekho,
Swapno gulo sotti kore
vison valo theko.

In the US,  people collect at Times square and wait for the new year ball to drop and when ball drop; people wish each other new year by hugging and kissing and then they move toward their destination to enjoy their new year. Like this New Year is celebrated all over the world with different way and manner.

Bengali New Year Wishes 2019
Bengali New Year Wishes 2019

In India, Baisakhi is considered as New Year in many states so that day is also celebrated in many states as New Year but most people celebrate New Year on 31st December along with the whole world.

New Year 2019 Bengali Messages

Misti alor jhikimiki sobuj ghase ghase,
snighdho haway duliye matha fuler koli hase,
Pakhir gane poribese mayabi ek dhoa,
dilam tomay subho nababorsher chhoya.

On new year people wear new clothes and visit the temple to pray for the well being of their family while some people choose to go for the party and for a picnic, its depend on the individual how they want to celebrate their new year.

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New Year Greetings in Bengali Font

You can also share these New Year greetings in Bengali with your friends on social sites. We are providing you the best and unique New Year greetings cards that you can share with your loved ones and that too for free.

Bengali New Year 2019
Bengali New Year 2019

India is the country well reckoned as the country of celebrations, list of festivals enjoyed in India never ends. People in India enjoy all the 365 days of the year, they merely find themselves busy in stuff than busy in planning festivals. Tourist around the globe come to India to experience the tradition and enjoyment of festivals here, they feel free to be part of some amazing rituals performed on this special occasion.

Dinguli jamoni hok thik- e-jaye k ete,
Tobu bolo labh ki a a r p urono smriti ghete,
Ei bochore purno ho k tomar s h okol asha,
Nobo borshe etai amar porom-prottasa.

Bengali New Year Greetings 2019

New Year is not just an event it’s a festival in India and for Indians, they enjoy this special occasion with lots of happiness and enjoyment, the majority claims their special time to be with their family and friends. Most of the youngsters enjoy this special occasion with friends in Pub or club, dance and drink were somewhat for westerns, nowadays people in India arrange the best New Year’s Eve party to be enjoyed with their family and friends.

Shubho Noboborsho Greetings in Bengali
Shubho Noboborsho Greetings in Bengali

Almost majority of individuals are aware as well as the user of social media networking. Well if you are not then I’m sure that somewhere you must be feeling unconscious in this fast-forward world. Social media sites like Facebook and WhatsApp as well as Twitter helps us to be in touch with friends and family and individuals whom we love a lot and want their views in every step of our life.

Purono joto hotasha jirno opobad,
Jak dhuye jak
Asuk notun bhor niye notun asha
Sobar jibon uthuk bhore anando, bhalobasait

Today social media sites have changed the whole scenario of enjoyment people usually try their level best to save their time by wishing or sending greetings or event related text messages to their loved ones. People want to be socialized but based on their own rules and regulations. They want to be in touch today but don’t want to get disturbed by someone who wants to be in touch.

New Year 2019 Bengali Images Wishes

This is how social media has changed the way of enjoyment or let’s say the way of celebration of a special occasion in India as well as in other countries. And experiencing the importance of this event as well as the social media in each and every individual’s life, we as a team work hard to make you feel the special aura of this New Year celebration, with the help of the stuff we generate to be shared and enjoyed by you.

Notun din, notun bhor, notun surjo, norun sur
Notun praner icche gulo mone jagak asha
Sobar jibon bhore uthuk norun bhalobasai

Happy New Year In Bengali Language
Happy New Year In Bengali Language

This post is completely dedicated for New Year 2019 Bengali Messages, which when you will share these greetings with your Bengali friends in India as well as in other parts of the country you will strengthen up the relationship with them. Choose the best greetings for your beloved friends or family members and share or send it to them with the help of your social media profile.

New Year 2019 Bengali Messages

Notun asha, bahlobasa
Notun ganer sure
Sobar jibon uthuk bhore
Boisakh er ei bhore

Thanks a lot for being with us, as we are generating more stuff to be updated as well as enjoyed soon on this special occasion, so we request you to stay tuned and use them to make your enjoyment special as well as unforgettable.

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