New Year 2019 Funny Videos: New Year brings along lots of hopes and opportunities with it. Not only this, New Year sometimes lead people in a new direction and make them a completely different person.

Sometimes, New Year 2019 Funny Videos can be so inspiring that people cannot resist themselves from being inspired and ultimately change their way of thinking which eventually makes them a better human. New year Inspiring quotes are sent by friends and family to each other so as to have a great year ahead.

Now, the trend of sending videos has been started which is really amazing. Videos can be animated or even graphical. Videos are simply impressive. For New Year, lots of videos are made so as to wish and greet your friends and families.

New Year 2019 Funny Videos Short WhatsApp Clips


Happy New Year WhatsApp Funny Videos 2019

For the upcoming year, that is, 2019, a good stock of wishes, pictures and videos are needed to send your near and dear ones. New Year enthusiasm should be entertained and New Year videos are the spirit of the wishes. Here are some videos, which are really helpful as they could be sent to your friends and family without any second thought. This would cherish your day and would be best as a wish for New Year.

This video is actually created with the help of an application assembling many photos. In this video, you will get to see many pictures that are representing 2019. This video is with background music, which makes it more impressive. These videos can be sent to your near and dear ones, as it is full of beautiful pictures with vibrant backgrounds and an effective music. This video would really make your receiver’s day and of course the coming year as well.

Popular way of wishing new year is through Gif, This year send happy new year greeting via GIF images and animated video, click on link to see now!

New Year 2019 Videos For Whatsapp Status

WhatsApp is ruling all over android and IOS phones. It is the leading application which is easy to use and can be operated using less amount of your mobile data or Wi-Fi. WhatsApp is really famous for it is easy to use and the features.

One of the features that WhatsApp contains is of stories. The stories set on the WhatsApp status remains for 24 hours and after that, it destroys itself. This feature is used by all the users. Many of the people are really into songs and videos, so in the WhatsApp status, you can find lyrical videos and even parts of the song.

It allows video of 30 seconds or half a minute to upload it in your status and let it be there for 24 hours. Once it reaches 24 hours, it destroys itself automatically.

Happy New Year 2019 Video Effects

People these days can make a video by collaborating more than two pictures and setting them in a line making it look like the picture are moving.

To distinguish pictures, you can even fill the filters, which announces the next coming picture in a dramatic way. You can add effects to your video that you are planning to make.

New Year Videos 2019
New Year Videos 2019

Happy New Year 2019 Firework Videos

Fireworks are sparkling beautiful lights, which are worth watching. You can never pull your eyes off when fireworks are ready to shoot. Fireworks are common to be shot during Diwali and on New Year.

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This act portrays that a new starting has been announced and you, as people, are ready to accept it. Fireworks are used in videos also so as to make video impressive. You can find any video on YouTube regarding New Year and if the video is made by people showing how they celebrate their new year, fireworks are for sure to have a place in it as it is really very common.

Happy New Year Funny Video

To put a smile on anyone’s face is a great and good thing, but if you make anyone laugh, it becomes the best thing. Funny videos of New Year can be easily extracted through YouTube.

The purpose of these funny videos is to make you laugh. It can be animated or real too. In animation, an application called “tomcat” is usually used by many people. This application records the voice and an animated cat mimics whatever you say.

New Year 2019 Funny Videos

This is done in a fraction of seconds. Other videos that are funny and are related to New Year can be sent to your lovely dear ones so as to make them laugh which ultimately would make their day.

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