Ideas for New Year games for kids, adults, Party games, Online Games and New Year family games 2019: New Year eve is one of the best time of the year. When we think about New Year eve, the first thing that struck our mind is a big party full of music, food, drinks, dance, people enjoying, having fun etc. Happy new year games ideas are listed below. We have listed new year party games to online games you can play on the eve of the new year 2019. Yes, the New Year Eve party- one of the biggest celebrations and the last celebration of every year that is celebrated across the world.

New Year Game Ideas
New Year Game Ideas

It is the time that flies in speed leaving happiness and memories of the whole year. It is the time when we say goodbye to the year and welcome the New Year with the new hope. People around the world celebrate the New Year with great enthusiasm and make every moment memorable. New year games 2019 list you can play can be one of best things you will learn today.

This year make your New Year Eve happening and sparkling with some interesting New Year party games. You can play these New Year 2019 games with your family, kids and also at parties.

So scroll down and have a look at these New Year Games…

New Year Party Games

Whether you are throwing a big New Year eve, party or just it is a small family affair for you everybody must enjoy the moment and should welcome the New Year with happiness and joy. Happy New Year Party games are something that put more fun and life to every gathering and New Year party games are something that makes the evening more special and memorable.

If you are throwing a New Year eve party then you must include various party games to engage the guests and to add a fun element into it.

Check some of the interesting and fun new years Party games ideas shared here and make the New Year eve a rocking Eve-

1.      Guess the number

Take a large glass jar or bowl and fill it with counted candies, small stones, chocolate pieces, pennies, marbles etc. Keep the jar on a table where your guests arrive.

Now each of them a paper slip and ask them to guess the number of items in the jar with their names. At the end of the party take out all the slips and disclose the name of the winner along with the number of the items in the jar/bowl.

2.      Pass the Hat

Take a New Year hat and have your guests sit in a circle. Ask them to pass the hat head to head without taking help of hands. The player who will drop the hat has to leave the game and the last player will be the winner.

3.      The name game

Give your guest a paper slip and ask them to write the named of any fictional character, people in the room, celebrity, historical characters, actor, actress etc. on the slip.

Divide the guests into teams and let one team guess the names by giving clues and repeat it for all the teams.

4.      Balloon pop charades

Give a New Year twist to the old charades game. Take some inflated balloons and fill them with New Year related words and phrases like A noisemaker, midnight kiss, drunk, party etc.

Let your guests pop the balloon and have them act the words and phrases. Note down the time that other guests took to guess it. One with the shortest time will be the winner.

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5.      Who’s Shot

This is usually a drinking New Year game but you can also replace drinks with other stuff also. These New Year party games will go throughout the party and also surprises the guests.

The party host has to randomly call questions for the crowd. The questions will be asked like “Who is the youngest in the room”, “Who has maximum children”, who got promotion recently” etc. The person who will shout the answer first will be given a chance to choose a person who he/she wants to take a shot. This will goes like this throughout the party.

New Year Games for Kids

Kids are always fascinated with every festivity and celebration. However, they feel bored at some of the parties, as they did not find things that are of their taste. New Year parties are also one of them. Therefore, if you are planning to organize a new year party then do prepare some New Year games for kids so that they can also enjoy to the fullest.

Check out these New Year games ideas for kids that you can try at your New Year eve party-

·         Sweet challenge

Take some small candies (M&M) in a large bowl. Ask kids to transfer the candies to another bowl by sucking into a straw using the hands within a specified time. They can use one hand to hold the straw. One with the maximum number of candies will be the winner.

·         New Year Eve’s Scramble

For this, you need to write a bunch of words related to the New Year on a paper and scramble the letters. Ask kids to guess the words and one who guess the most wins the game and the prize.

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·         Donut on a string

Hang a donut to a string and ask kids to eat the donut with their mouth directly without using the hands, the one who will finish earlier will win the game.

You can also try these New Year games at home, schools and other family gatherings where there are kids.

New Year Games for Adults

Adults are more into partying and New Year eve is the best time to hang out and party with friends. Therefore, this New Year eve adds more spice and fun to it by playing some party New Year games. Adults are far more exited for the New Year. Just tend to bottle up their excitement and pretend as if they are regular. Their excitement is portrayed during the game session, when they enthusiastically play each and every game and try their level best to win. Here are some games that adults are likely to play and show their interest as well.

Here are some of the best New Year eve party games to make the celebration more happening. Just have a look and do try this everybody will love it.

1.      Champagne race-

Gather around a table and take some bowls filled with champagne. Give a Champagne flute and a spoon to each one and set the bowl in front of the players. Make sure that one bowl should be for two-three people.

Now ask them to fill the champagne flute with the spoons. One who will fill it first will be the winner. To make it more tricky and interesting you can ask the players to hold the spoons with the mouth to fill the flute.

2.      The New Year Eve Charades

Give a New Year twist and feel to the classic charades game. Play with your friends and enjoy the celebration.

3.      Guess whose resolution-

At the beginning of the party, make all the guests write five resolutions on a paper and put them all collectively in a hat. Take a slip out of the hat at a time to time, read the resolution aloud, and ask guests to guise the name of the person who wrote the resolution.

Ask the guests to write the name of the person who they think made the resolution. At the end person with the maximum correct guesses will be the winner. To make the party more entertaining you can read the wrong guesses.

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4.      Party Animal

This New Year game for party 2019 is quite funny and checks your knowledge about animal names. Tell everybody to gather around the table with the shots available. To start the game, one person has to name an animal. The next person has to name an animal that must begin with the last letter of that animal’s name.

For example- If a person says dog then the other person should name an animal starting with letter “g” such as goat in 5-10 seconds. If the person fails to name an animal within the time then he/she have to take a shot and pick a new name of the animal to start the New Year game again. One should remember that the names of the animals should not be repeated.

5.    Cotton ball blitz

Take two bowls and put them in front of each player. Put some cotton balls in each bowl from the two. Set the timer and ask the players put a dab of Vaseline petroleum jelly on their nose. Have them transfer the cotton balls from one bowl to another with their nose.

6.    Song matching

This game is really easy to play and if you are a music lover, you are surely going to win. This game is all about matching the song. When your guests arrive, ask them to write any line of any song. When the game goes on, the player has to sing that very stanza and if the song is right, you win. If not, then a punishment is given. This is a fun game, which engages each and every one.

7.    Naming the candy

For this particular game, you need six different candies. You need a dice. Everyone is made to be seated in a circle. You have to be blindfolded and get to taste that candy. The twist in the game is that the names of the candies altered. When you taste a candy, make sure you speak out the name that has been allotted to the candy and not the real one. This game is tough, as your mind will be confused regarding everything. However, it is fun to play this.

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New Year games for family

The family is a beautiful gift of God to us. The New Year brings families together and gives them a chance to spend some quality time together. There are people who love to celebrate New Year Eve with their family at home instead of going outside for joining big parties. Family games are needed to hold the family together and to enjoy having a quality time with them. Family games are meant for every age group of people that ultimately brings them even more closely. Here are some games which are meant for family.

For those who love to stay with their family and want to arrange a small get together, we have shared some New Year party games ideas here. This can turn a small family gathering on New Year into a rocking and memorable New Year party.

·         Gargle a song-

One member of the family has to sing a song with the mouth full of water or any other drink while other members have to guess the song. This game is very funny and everybody loves this.

·         Musical chairs-

The most common, old and fun game that everyone knows how to play it. Arrange some chairs in a row or a line depending on the number of people, play on some music and enjoy the New Year feel.

·         Word Search

This is one of the favorite New Year games for family. Bring home some funny and interesting New Year word search and enjoy the game with your family. It is a brain activity that helps to enhance the vocabulary, helps with spellings and is a perfect workout for the brain.

  • Guessing the resolution

Resolution is the first thing you make for the New Year and promise to follow it until it is fulfilled. Everyone has at least one resolution, which he or she aims at fulfilling. In this game, “guessing the resolution”, one family member has to guess the resolution made by another, and if he or succeed, he or she wins. This is so easy game. Through this, you will get to know how deep you know a person whom you call your family. This is a fun game.

  • Chocolate unicorn game

This game is really hilarious. This game checks the stability and balance. In this game, you are surely going to enjoy your session. This game is all about giving the right answers to the questions that your family members ask. If the question is right, you are going to get points, and if you got any question wrong, then the chocolate will be piled up on your forehead just like a unicorn’s horn. This would be cool to see, who gets all the questions right and even after getting wrong, and who demonstrate the amazing stability.

Nowadays various interesting printable are available online you just have to download and print them. This is costs less and saves time.

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·         New Year scavenger hunt-

Take some New Year party props and other stuff like plastic bottles, hats, coaters, balloons, caps, candy box, paper cups, noisemakers, streamers, and other things and hide them in the various places of your house. Ask family members to find the hidden items.

·         Marshmallow/candy toss-

Divide family members into teams. Throw marshmallow or candies to your teammates and they have to catch as many as possible with mouth without using the hands. The team that will catch maximum candies/marshmallows wins the game.

New Year Online Games

In this era of the internet, how can we forget New Year online and offline (PC) games? New Year Online games 2019 are perfect for those who are not party animals and love to stay at home on New Year’s Eve. These games are also perfect to keep the kids busy.

Here we have shared a list of top New Year games that you can enjoy on the last days of this year.

Have a look at some of the handpicked New Year online games and PC games for every age group-

  1. Just Cause 4
  2. Unlimited diamonds
  3. UFO 50
  4. Crash the Bash
  5. God’s Trigger
  6. Ashens
  7. Crayola Scoots
  8. Ride 3
  9. Hitman 2
  10. Dauntless
  11. Fortnite
  12. Battlefield 5
  13. Photographs
  14. Pix the cat

Do try these games this New Year eve and say goodbye to the year with lots of memories and smiles.

Happy New Year 2019!

The game is the spirit that binds many bodies together allowing them to work as a team and enhance one’s ability to sense things in a different way. Games are really fun. When played with wholeheartedly, it relieves your stress and makes you feel refreshed. Games are not just meant for kids, it is for everyone. When held a party, games are surely placed in the list of your performance. On the occasion of New Year, when the whole family gathers together, playing games is the best way through which you can make your family come closer and enjoy the essence of togetherness in that very moment. Here are some New Year’s games that can really help your family to indulge in a thing together and they could feel the bond of a family.

If you have your own new year game ideas or list then do share it with us so that we can add it here and share with our readers. You can comment below the game ideas or you can use our suggestion/contact form to get in touch with us regarding the same.

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