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Happy New year quotes 2019

Happy New Year 2019 Quotes

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1—boom its Happy New Year 2019 friends, the year 2018 was an influenced change in every individual’s life most probably bad or good or you can also open up your trap for moderate, well each one of us would be having some or the experiences in 2018. Some best-known experience that would be taken into consideration is, some people and girls must have got their soul mate, or in the worst case, you must an unfortunate girl or a person to be with that particular person. Some must have got a new job or some must have lost their job, there are n numbers of instances to be discussed in each one of us life, better would be to leave them in 2018 and move on to the next chapter of life known as 2019. Hope for the best this year and well the most important thing that 2018 would have definitely provided you people is an experience.

Use that experience to live the next chapter of your life, by concentrating on the mistakes you made last year not to pardon them again in 2019, be the man of honor not the one with scorns and speculations. Try your level best to make this year an Happy ending by sharing some best unique and special Happy new year quotes wishes and greetings with your family members, friends, and love mates, let them know how much blessed you are to have them this year with you by sharing these quotes available under the same link.

“Years come, and Years go,
But our friendship has stood the test of time,
Wishing you the best in this upcoming year.”


“A New Year has tiptoed in.
Let’s go forward to meet it.
Let’s welcome the 365 days it brings.
Let’s live well with love in our hearts towards God and all people.
Let’s walk through its corridors with praise songs on our lips”


“When you look straight into my eyes,
I melt. Please do that more often in 2019.
Happy New Year 2019!”


“The New Year lies ahead
With books to be read,
And adventures to be led.
May you find fulfillment and joy
All year long!”


“No Greeting Card Or A Gift
Can Convey How Grateful
I Am To Have Been Blessed
With The World’s Greatest Father.
I Love You Dad.
Let Us Have One More Rocking Year.”


“Welcome New Year…
We look forward to you
A year of wonderful happiness
A year of good health
A year of great success
A year of incredibly good luck
A year of continuous fun
A year of world peace
Happy New Year 2019″

Happy new year 2019 qutoes

This time enjoy your New Year with everyone, make it special by sending them New Year greetings quotes to dear ones, and have a glimpse of that cute smile on their face. On the day of New Year 2019 or in New Year Eve, if you did not get chance to see your lover then share these greetings/quotes with them.

Happy New Year quotes for family 2019

Enjoy this life completely. I love you my darling with all the perfume of a rose n with all the lights in the whole world, and with all the kids’ smiles, my passionate love for you only I wish you. The happy new year 2019 my darling. On this auspicious day, our team decided to post about the happy New Year quotes/Sayings 2019 images to be sent to your friends and family members through Facebook, WhatsApp, email or a text messages Etc. If you’re looking for the Best the New year 2019 Sayings Images to wish to your loved ones or most cared people. Check out all these Sayings Images and greeting card images for Happy New Year 2019.

May this Happy New Year bring many opportunities your way, To explore every joy of life and turning all your dreams into reality & all your efforts into great achievements.


“Ηappy, Happy Νew Year! WΕ wish you Αll the Βest,
Great wοrk to reach yοur fondest goals,
Αnd when you are done, sweet rest.
WΕ hope for yοur fulfillment, Cοntentment, peace Αnd more,
Α brighter, Βetter new year Τhan You have ever had Βefore.


“The Past Has Gone By,
The past has gone by long ago, it is already history,
But the future is yet to come, it’s the brand new mystery,
So let go of all your bad experiences of the past,
May you have lovely memories this year forever to last,
Have a Happy New Year 2019!”

Happy New Year Quotes for lover 2019

Love is a mixture of several materials, some of the best materials considered in human beings are different types of states, feelings, and attitudes that range from all the interpersonal affections maybe you love your mother father, sister or a friend. Sorry! That was my bad! That I have updated you with the simple definition of love available in Wikipedia, friends not being Sceptical, but the above-written definition really defines the love in which we really are? No in my case not at all, for me love is something different, and according to you that must be different, but to be the one whose heart the girl or exceptionally a person has broken down into several pieces can only define true love.

Time has no divisions to mark its passage
There is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpets to
Announce the beginning of a new month or year.


May God bring to you Warmth of love and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination. Happy New Year!


May the upcoming year bring more delight to you than last year. May you have an incredible year. Happy New Year.


Wishing you 12 months of pleasure,
52 weeks of exciting, 365 days of laughter,
8760 hours of good luck,
525600 mints of joy, and
31536000 seconds of success.
Happy New Year 2019.

Let us say each one of us has several experiences in life, and we have given those experiences several names, some of the best in my mind. Our love, at first sight, soul mate type of love, he/or definitely she is the only gal/guy made for men etc. please let me stop now and conclude it in a different way. To be true the day you will fall for yourself you will never ever fall for anybody else and guess what this will be proved when you will really try it out. Still let me tell you some special occasions, most probable celebration of a birthday party or a festival are some of the most important events kept in mind. Especially people who are in love they keep a track on the calendar and wait for that particular special day.

Happy New Year quotes for friends 2019

I don’t know exactly why they wait for the day to come but friends, the calendar includes a date known as 31st the best ever event to enjoy also sometimes reckoned as the new year, some like to enjoy it with their cozy family but most of them who do not. they like to enjoy with their lovers, yeah most probably a gal/ a guy, so this time enjoy your new year with everyone and make it special by sending them New year quotes for Lover and have a glimpse of that cute smile on their face.

This New Year 2019 maintains the zeal and faith that we will achieve what we set out. Have a new year full of successes.


You have always been there by my side; you have been my rock, confidence, and love. You are not just my girlfriend but also the love of my life. Happy New Year 2019.


New Year 2019 is heading in just a few days. People around the world are planned to celebrate it grandly. Today I am here to give the Awesome Happy New Year 2019 Sayings with Images.


Let go of the past behind you. Right ahead, lies a new beginning. Make it an unforgettable experience. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year Sayings to Friend, To Girl Friend, To Boyfriend. You can send these stuff to your parents, friends and to your relative people. As the New Year 2019 will be in a few days to celebrate it. The collection of Happy New Year 2019 sayings with images updated here. Presently we are four members of content writers for this Happy New Year 2019 Site. In addition, our team always wants to give the best to users.

Happy New Year quotes for business, corporate clients, boss, employees, and professionals

The New Year comes with new hope and happiness and we make many commitments in the form of New Year resolutions. Some will make the non-realistic resolutions and get disappointing about the result. For those, we started A Discussion about The Best Resolutions for New Year 2019. Go and participate in that discussion. I am sure you will get the perfect Kick-ass idea to start this Awesome Year.

Best wishes for a bright and promising New Year 2019! Hope it is the best year ever for you filled with everything that makes you happy and keeps you safe.


As 2018 comes to an end it’s a time for reflection and rest. I want to wish you all the best for yourselves and your families at this time of festivities.


I can’t believe another year has come and gone! May your New Year continue to be bright long after the celebration has ended!


As this year ends, we thank you for your continued support in 2018 and extend to you our wishes for a bright, happy and prosperous New Year 2019.


May the New Year bring you new opportunities and may you rise to new heights.


At this time, we would like to extend our appreciation for your business and offer you best wishes for a prosperous New Year


It is a time of reflection and looking forward to new possibilities. Happy New Year to you and your family!


Wow! What a Year! Thanks for being a part of our team. It’s people like you who make this place fantastic, and we’re very happy to have you here.


Wishing that today is just the beginning of a year filled with laughter and memories, special friends and many happy moments cherished together.

Happy New Year quote Images/poster 2019

We provided the Best Collection of Happy New year Quotes/Sayings 2019 images and poster. All the people want to express their greetings to share in Social Media. For those, you can collect here and impress your friends. You can simply copy or save it on your computer by simply right-clicking with your mouse. Finally, our team wants to wish you a very Happy New year 2019 to our page-viewers. Moreover, may this festival all your dreams will come true and all your efforts turn in to great achievements.

Hope you all excited to welcome this brand New year. Today our Team going to Post a Kick-ass stuff to Start New Year 2019. Are you searching for the Best New Year quotes Wishes to share with your Best Friend…? Or Girlfriend..?? ya, well, you’ve come for the right webpage. We started A Discussion about the Best Happy New Year 2019 saying in English, Hindi to Share with Your Friend, Husband, Wife, Sister, Parents.

We collected this stuff from the different websites on the Internet. We thanks to Google and original Authors of it. We simply copy and pasting the quotes and mentioning their Author names as an honor for them. Of course, we are lifting the poems from the sites and mentioning their source names.

I hope that you liked our Post. Do you want to impress your loved one…? What are you waiting for…? Copy the Above quotes and share with your loved one. I am sure that, they will really love our stuff. In addition, if you have any questions and doubts regarding the above post. Kindly comment below and lastly do not forget to share with your friends.

Happy New Year 2019 WhatsApp Quotes for Status

Now the most amazing week of the year is going on where people are enjoying their Holiday of the Christmas and New Year 2019, on the day of New Year most of the people enjoy their day fullest. New Year is celebrated in almost all the parts of the World with complete joy, in the upcoming Year most of the people forget their and their friend’s bad deeds and welcome the New Year with a clean heart. The most common thing after the New Year starts is the New Year Resolutions, in which people try to do things those will help them benefit or stay healthy, like Go to the Gym or stop watching TV much and many more here we are also going to provide you information of New Year 2019 Resolutions. Now, most of the people will be in search of Happy New Year 2019 Quotes for WhatsApp Status. Here we are going to provide you Top Happy New Year WhatsApp Status, which you can keep and wish all your Friends at a time a very Happy New Year 2019.

In most of the countries, New Year Parades are also very popular done by the Military of a specific country, it is also said that these parades help us to chase the Evil Spirits those are following in the New Year 2019. Now coming to the point of New Year 2019 quotes for WhatsApp Status, here most of the people who use WhatsApp like to keep their of Happy New Year for WhatsApp, so here we are brought you the Top Happy New Year WhatsApp quotes Status which you can keep as your Status for New Year.

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Welcome 2019 happy New Year quotes

During the New Year’s Eve, each year number of people gather in countries like the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom, and many other countries and do the countdown of the New Year to start and after the New Year, start and they celebrate the New Year and Welcome New Year 2019. Here we are going to serve you with what you want i.e. New Year Quotes for WhatsApp and New Year saying for WhatsApp, which you can now send it to you for Friends, Family and Loved Ones. Please don’t forget to share this on Pinterest, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Instagram, and many other Social Networking Sites, hope you have like our post of Top  Happy New Year 2019 Quotes for WhatsApp Status.


New Year 2019 Quotes for Teacher, Professor

The New Year 2019 is the best year to impress the professors if u have just entered the college or leaving the college. Keeping that in mind, we have made a survey around the Colleges and Schools and have brought the latest Collection of New YearQuotes for Teacher and New Year Quotes for Professors.  The New Year 2019 has come and most of the Students will be wondering to wish their Favourite Teacher of School times or Professor of College times or currently a very Happy New Year in order to impress them as the Exams are close… ha-ha kidding. Here we have brought the latest New Year Quotes those can be sent through Message to your Teacher and Professors, these can also be sent earlier if you want to wish them a Happy New in Advance.


Wish the year brought you an abundance of happiness and prosperity within the same method as your teachings have brought them in my life.

Happy New Year quotes for teachers and Professors are most searched by the students of Schools and Colleges in order to wish their loving teacher or Professor a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019, so below are the latest New Year 2019 Quotes for Teacher. It is not just for the role of an instructor that you simply are going to be remembered for in 2018 however you have got additionally been my thinker, a real guide and a devotee. I’ll still search to you in 2019 for giving American state strength. Words are not enough to allow you to show what proportion of a distinction you have been created by teaching American state valuable lessons of life. I will be extremely duty-bound for your efforts in not solely 2018 however additionally for 2019 and many additional years to return.

Happy New Year Quotes for Students 2019

Most of the loving and Happening Teachers (Professors) love to wish their Students a very Happy New Year and wish them luck for their future and rest of the life and bless them to become successful in life. Therefore, for those loving teachers and Professors, we have brought the new collection of New Year Quotes 2019 for Students.

Dear Child may you get all the success in your Life and Wish your all Dreams Come true…Wish you a Very Happy New Year 2019


Your Favourite Teacher is wishing you a very Happy New Year Child, May your New Year goes with all the happiness and Joy you wished all your Life.


We will be back with some more special stuff for you to make this special occasion unique for you, so stay tuned as we are really working hard to make the day special for you. any suggestions or queries just click or tap the comment box given below and start typing it, have a great day ahead, have a blast Happy New year everyone. Thanks a lot for being with us. Thanks a lot for visiting our link, stay tagged we will be back soon with some latest trending updates to make your new year a different experience, you have ever experienced.

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