New Year Resolution 2019 For Students, Teenagers, Older, Boys, Girls: New Year brings many things new with it and every year millions of people make new resolutions and god knows that how many of them keep it till the end.  Those people for whom new year resolution is a new word so let me tell them that resolution is a promise that you do with yourself that what you will do in the upcoming and what you will not. It is good to take New Year resolution 2019 but it would be better if you really do those things otherwise there is no use in taking these resolutions.

New year resolution 2019 list

Happy New Year Resolution 2019

Resolution!!! Most of you must have taken many but must have followed one in your whole life, I’m sure you will agree. What exactly is New Year Resolution? Is there anyone who can tell me the exact meaning of resolution? I guess most probably all of them! But still I would like to tell you that resolutions first came in existence in Ancient Babylonians age, the use to promise their gods on the first day of the year that they will definitely return borrowed objects and also pay their debts.

These ancient Babylonians gave the name to the promise which is known as Resolution, which is now famous worldwide and northern as well as southern hemisphere today individuals take resolutions to improve themselves and their characters. So some of the evergreen lists of top New year resolutions 2019 with description has been provided below please have a look.

Healthy Dieting and Exercise

This is more than famous resolution which people use to take ones and for all one day only on the name of weight loss and diet consciousness. Generally, individuals who use to take this resolution always have an excuse of the holiday season and the famous “One Last Time before New Year”. Regular exercises, jogging, healthy breakfast, evening walk, lists of stuff not to be eaten, and many more are the list prepared on the first day also known as resolution day.

Drink Less alcohol

hah!! To be true this is a familiar resolution for every dipsomaniac, and I’m also the one in the same list, the best dialogue after the instance of head in toilet and pounding headache with smeared makeup we usually are pressurized to take the resolution on the same day when we use to drink like a sot, the New Year’s Eve actually and after two days or a week the first weekend of the new year with friends makes us a dipsomaniac again and at that time we forget everything and drink like as if not had a pack since our birth!!!

Learn Something New

To learn French, or can be the clarinet, how to cook for gals which would be something other than microwavable Stouffer’s lasagna. As we all are aware of the limitless sky, and in this whole world, there are uncountable things yet to be discovered that would be the best ever resolution you can take this new year, not because I’m not taking but because I will be the same list soon so pull your socks up.

Quit Smoking

To quit smoking is not a resolution it’s a thought for all the chain smokers “actually”. No reasons to be disclosed because to be true I’m in the same list and willing to take cannot be taken resolution but will try to control the consumption from today itself. Smokers know each and every harmful effect and inevitable death sentences all because of smoking but then also around millions and billions are there to take the resolution to quit smoking but at last after a month or two the actual count would be in 500-1000 people only not even covering 15%. Well, that’s up to you because the habit is something can be left today also then why to wait for the occasion to add days to our life.

Save Money

Well, I’m quite familiar with this resolution because last year I took this resolution, and guess what I nailed it!!! And I have saved an amount, I know that it’s really impossible for the individuals who are the only an earner in his house, but to be true nothing is impossible because giving it a try and proving it is something else, just don’t give it a try, just try to prove it by saving cents, penny’s, then Dollars, this process will help you to be habitual to save money.

New Year Resolution 2019

The new year 2019 Resolutions are meant to be fulfilled otherwise why you don’t take New year resolution every day instead of once in a year. There are so many resolutions for  new year 2019 that people take and break and many of them take common resolutions, so in this post we are going to show you the top resolution for new year 2019 so if you are not getting ideas what resolution you should take then you can take idea from our list and don’t worry we won’t tell anyone that you took your idea of resolution from here, it will be the secret between you and us.

New Year Resolution Ideas List 2019

  • Quit smoking
  • Wake up early
  • Dieting
  • Never Lie
  • Quit drinking
  • More hard work
  • Become a nicer person
  • Lose weight
  • Do social work
  • Spend less time on social networking sites
  • Earn more and spend less money
  • Spend more time with family
  • Improve cooking skills
  • Drink more water
  • Wake up early
  • Quit nonveg
  • Go to church or any other religious place according to religion more often.
  • Start taking care of my health
  • Not argue with my parents

So these are some top resolutions that we have provided you on this post top resolutions for new year 2019 people take every year while some of them fulfill these resolutions but try hard but after two-three days they get back to their old habit.

Therefore, it is very easy to make resolutions every year on New Year but it is hard to accomplish them. One thing that a person needs to accomplish these resolutions is willpower, if a person has strong willpower then he can achieve anything but if the person doesn’t have strong willpower then I don’t think that he can accomplish anything.  So if really want a change in your life then try to make your willpower strong then you will be able to fulfill not only these resolutions but also other things in your life.

Happy New Year 2019 Resolution Images

New Year 2019 Resolution
New Year 2019 Resolution
Happy New Year 2019 Resolution Quotes
Happy New Year 2019 Resolution Quotes

Above were some of the best suggestions in trends for the revolution, we would be glad if you share your amazing and helpful ideas for resolutions to be taken this year. We’ll be back with some more stuff to make this new year more exciting for you all so please stay tuned, and Happy New Year Friends enjoy and be safe.  

Happy New Year 2019 Resolution for Students

New Year 2019 Resolutions Inspirational Quotes, Funny Messages- Most of the people all around to World believe in New Year Resolutions in which they resolve themselves for their betterment and give away their bad habits or bad deeds and work over new healthier habits. To continue your New Year’s Resolution we recommend you to always keep a positive approach to your Resolutions, never feel like giving up over your resolutions.

One must always have a narrow list of resolutions so that you can focus on them in a better way. For the resolutions, which are Big, I recommend you to take narrow turtle steps towards them, as we know the story of Hare and the Tortoise “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”.

Many people make New Year’s Resolutions but many few of them end up completing those, while rest of them stick to their old habits here we are going to provide you list of New Year’s Resolutions you can do to have a better New Year 2019 and help you Follow your New Year Resolutions.

Funny New Year Resolutions, Inspirational Quotes

Now most of the people make resolutions and end up not following them and spoil the resolution plan, and some of them follow their New Year Resolutions plan very well, so for them here we have brought you to inspire by New Year Resolutions Quotes and just for Fun and for your Entertainment New Year Resolutions Funny Quotes.

Inspirational Quotes on New Year Resolutions

  • The neШ yeȃr stȃnds before us, like ȃ Ćhȃpter in ȃ book, Шȃiting to be Шritten. Шe Ćȃn help Шrite thȃt story by setting goȃls.
  • I hope thȃt in this yeȃr to Ćome, you mȃke mistȃkes. BeĆȃuse if you ȃre mȃking mistȃkes, then you ȃre mȃking neШ things, trying neШ things, leȃrning, living, pushing yourself, Ćhȃnging yourself, Ćhȃnging your Шorld. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, ȃnd more importȃntly, you’re doing something.
  • Be ȃt Шȃr Шith your viĆes, ȃt peȃĆe Шith your neighbors, ȃnd let every neШ yeȃr find you ȃ better mȃn.
  • Your suĆĆess ȃnd hȃppiness lies in you. Resolve to keep hȃppy, ȃnd your joy ȃnd you shȃll form ȃn invinĆible host ȃgȃinst diffiĆulties.
  • Let our NeШ Yeȃr’s resolution be this: Шe Шill be there for one ȃnother ȃs felloШ members of humȃnity, in the finest sense of the Шord.
  • Mȃke NeШ Yeȃr’s goȃls. Dig Шithin, ȃnd disĆover Шhȃt you Шould like to hȃve hȃppen in your life this yeȃr. This helps you do your pȃrt. It is ȃn ȃffirmȃtion thȃt you’re interested in fully living life in the yeȃr to Ćome.

Funny New Year Resolutions Quotes, Messages

  • I Шill not bore my boss by Шith the sȃme exĆuse for tȃking leȃves. I Шill think of some more exĆuses.
  • I will stop sending e-mȃils to my Шife
  • I Шill think of ȃ pȃssШord other thȃn “pȃssШord” or “hello
  • I Шill stop Ćonsidering other people’s feelings Шhen they so obviously don’t Ćonsider mine – if thȃt unШȃshed felloШ sits next to me ȃgȃin, I’ll tell him he stinks!
  • I Шill do less lȃundry ȃnd use more deodorȃnt.
  • I Шill give up ĆhoĆolȃtes totȃlly.
  • Just for todȃy, I Шill not sit in my living room ȃll dȃy in my nightdress. Insteȃd, I Шill move my Ćomputer into the bedroom.
  • I Шill spend less thȃn one hour ȃ dȃy on the Internet. This, of Ćourse, Шill be hȃrd to estimȃte sinĆe I’m not ȃ ĆloĆk ШȃtĆher.
  • Шhen I heȃr ȃ funny joke, I Шill not reply.

If you have any queries or if you want more stuff related to New Year resolution 2019 then you can tell us in the comment below.

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