Happy New Year SMS 2019: On this amazing occasion of New Year, we have brought New Year 2019 wishes in Urdu; you can send these New Year 2019 wishes in Urdu to your friends. As we, all know that Urdu is such a sweet language so spread this sweetness everywhere and send these New Year wishes to your loved ones.

New Year Wishes in Urdu 2019

new year wishes in urdu

One more year is just about to pass and the whole world will be welcoming the new year with both arms open and with happiness in their heart.

As New Year approaches, people begin their planning for the destination where they want to go in New Year for celebrating it. All hotels and restaurant take out so many schemes and discounts for tourists and famous destination place remain full of tourists. Hotel owners keep the theme for the New Year eve and organize different events according to the theme. Food is also prepared according to a theme which people enjoy with their family and relatives. If you are searching for New Year wishes in Urdu then you are at right place.

Happy New Year In Urdu Language

Amusement parks organize fairs for people on the occasion of New Year, everyone enjoys these fairs with their family and friends. New Year brings everyone together but there are also some unfortunate people who don’t get a holiday on this special occasion so they spend this eve with their friend and try to enjoy this evening with them.

Bazar Mein Abid(A.s) Ko Guzarty Hue Dekho

Zanjer Ki Jhankaar Bhi Akbar(A.s) Ki Azaan Ha…!!!

Apko Naye Saal Ki Mubaraka

Happy New Year In Urdu Language
Happy New Year In Urdu Language

“Hussain” Tery

Tazeem Ja-Baja Hogi,

Yazeed Tery Tazlil

Barmlaa Hogi…!!! Naya Saal Mubarak Ho


Janat Ki Aarzo Mein

Kahan Ja Rahy Hain Log,

Jannat To Karbala Mein

Khareedi “HUSSAIN” Nain,

Dunia-o-Aakhrat Mein

Jo Reh Rhy Hon Chain Say,

Jeena ALI Se Sikhoo

Marna “HUSSAIN” Say…!!! Sabko Naya Saal Mubarak Ho

New Year 2019 SMS In Urdu
New Year 2019 SMS In Urdu

Lafzon Main Kiyaa Likhon“SHAHADAT-E-HUSSAIN”MohsinQalaam Bhi Mera Ro Dia…!!!

Zehan Ki Diwar Pe Jab Karbala Likha Gia

Sajda-e-Shabeer Se Naam-e-Khuda Likha Gia,

Kis Qadar Roya Madiny Main Rida Ka Pasbaan

Jab “ALI” Ki Betiyun Ko Be-Rida Likha Gia…!!!

Happy New Year SMS 2019

Nijaat Ki jub bhi Apeal Karna

“HUSSAIN” Ko Apna Wakeel Karna,

Agar Sar Kay Badle “HUSSEIN” Mily

To Zindagi Nan Taveel Karna…!!!

Happy New Year 2019 To You

Happy New Year Urdu Message

Naam-E-Ghazi Se Khushbu-E-Wafa Aati Ha

Un Kay Roze Say Ya Hussain(A.S) Ki Sada Aati Ha,

Jub Bhi Bathay Hain Hum Abbaas Kay Percham Kay Nichay

Aisa Lagta Ha Janaat Say Hawaa Aati Ha…!!!

New Year gives everyone new hope to live life in a new way and begin their life without any old bad memories and we all should start the new year as a new day and should forgive everyone who was wrong with us because they don’t worth to be in our memory that too in a new year.

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Don’t celebrate new year just to party but welcome the new year with open heart and take some resolution that the mistake that you have done in past year, you will not repeat them again in a new year and will achieve new goals with full conviction and dedication. Take resolution that you will do something for your country and you can do that in many ways like you will not do littering and will not allow anyone to do this and like this there are many other ways by which you can serve for your country and then you will feel that every day is new for you.

New Year 2019 Greeting in Urdu Language

We have a huge collection of best and selected New Year wishes in Urdu language, so you do not have to search in a different site for best wishes for your loved ones, you would get all kind of wishes in our site.

Aye Allah..!

Naye Islami Saal Ko
Ham Sab K Liye Aman-o-Salamti Ka
Saal Bana..!

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019 Urdu Lines
Happy New Year 2019 Urdu Lines

Is Saal K Aakhir Me Meri Taraf Se

Un Sab Logon Ka Shukriya’

Jinhon Ny Ye Sabaq Sikhaya Hai K

Aainda In Jeson Se Koi Talluq Nahi Rakhna..!

Happy New Year 2019 to You


Mujh Se Bichar Gaya Jo Naye Saal Ki Tarha,,

Us Ka Bhi Haal Hoga Mere Haal Ki Tarha..

Aaya Nahi Wo Reh Gaye Rasty Sajy Sajaaye,,

Ye Saal Bhi Chala Gaya Her Saal Ki Tarha..!

The year for some would be the worst or most probably the best, no one bothers on the 31st December eve every one forgets and rocks the party with their friends and family. The tradition of celebrating the last day of the year is well known as New Year people enjoy the day as festival and celebrate it at its fullest, by involving their friends and other family members.

There are several ways to celebrate the occasion some of them must be common, but the best part of the celebration to be kept in mind is that you should forget all the evil happenings of the year. Enjoy the last day of the year at the best you can, some people must have lost someone important in his or her life.

New Year Wishes 2019 in Urdu

Some must have faced big losses in their business or XYZ reasons may be their but the only reason to enjoy the day should be to welcome your best tomorrow. Which is the next year the next stage of your life head on through it like a king by forgetting everything you faced and carrying some important and the best experiences you will love to share with your loved ones in future.

The best thing about this festival celebration is that everyone present celebrates this on this earth, people following different cast from different creed and country are the ones enjoy the evening in the best way they can.

Happy New Year 2019 Urdu Lines

Today as we are living in the technological biased world, we have no reasons to stay away from the society or the place where we belong from, only because we have all the resources available to be socialized with anyone in this whole world. Just you have to maintain a social media profile, and some of the best names take in the list of this social media sites are Facebook and WhatsApp, these two media sites also known as new media have helped us a lot to be socialized and share our views or chat with whomsoever you want to.

Urdu Message for New Year 2019

The best uses of social media sites during this decade have been experienced on some special occasions like festivals or any other celebration. People like to update their statuses on the special festival celebration.

Happy New Year Urdu Poetry 2019
Happy New Year Urdu Poetry 2019

There are uncountable users of social media sites are available on this earth, they may be from any country, state or continent, so this time we have generated some new year wishes in Urdu for Urdu speakers, just check them out, the wishes’ are free of cost you can share with anyone whosoever understands Urdu.

Stay tuned we will be back with some more stuff to make this year the best for you all, just grab and enjoy the eve. Thanks a lot for being with us we will be back soon. Happy New Year everyone.

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