We know that we all love our language so keeping this in mind we have compiled New Year greetings in Persian. You will only get these unique and exclusive greetings here. You can send these New Year greetings to your friends, family, and relatives and can convey your love to them with these beautiful greetings.

Happy New Year Wishes in Persian

New Year Wishes in Persian Language

On this occasion of New Year, we have brought Persian New Year greetings for all of you. You can also share these greetings with your friends on social sites and tell them to share these greetings with their friends. So just, download these Happy New Year greeting in the Persian language from our website free and start forwarding.

Persian New Year is also known as Nowruz, usually marks the first day of spring or Equinox, which somewhere occurs exactly on 21st or March. The moment the sun head across the celestial equator and equalizes day and night which is calculated exactly every year and people there organize a family gets together to observe the rituals which are being performed.

The celebration of Nowruz is usually celebrated on the special occasion of New Year the first day of the spring or Equinox according to the Persian calendar. This special occasion is organized and enjoyed by the people from diverse and ethnic communities who are from religious backgrounds following and performing rituals from thousands of years.

This day is considered a secular holiday, which is enjoyed by people who belong to several different faiths. It basically originates from Persia which is reckoned as the capital or Achaemenid empire in Persis also known as Fars in Iran and is celebrated by cultural region.

Nowruz is a famous celebration that is known for its partly rooted religious tradition of Zoroastrianism that board concepts such as the corresponding to work of good and evil in the world, and the connection of humans to nature. This fest is really important for every individual present on earth in several different ways but to be true every individual wants to enjoy this day at any cost in different ways.

So we as a team help you to fulfill your needs, this post is completely dedicated to Persian New Year Greetings, these greetings will help you out in several ways. Share these greetings as much as you can they might help you all to strengthen your relationship with the one you love the most. enjoy this occasion and let others have a glimpse of that feeling of love check these special and unique greetings share them with the help of social media sites and have fun with your friends and colleagues from Persia.

Thanks a lot, friends for being with us we’ll be back with some special stuff to be enjoyed on this special occasion so stay tuned, and for suggestions please feel free to type the list in the comment box of stuff. We’ll help you out. Happy New Year Everyone.

Persian New Year greetings

Time and day may differ but everyone has their new year and they celebrate it with their traditions and customs.  New Year is the only occasion that brings the whole world together and it feels like we all are one big family and that is welcoming new year together.

New Year has many forms and many colors that vary from state to state and country-to-country but the spirit of all people is the same. New Year is observed as a holiday in many countries so those lucky people visit their home and celebrate New Year with them. This is the time for social gatherings and feast. All around the world, New Year is celebrated like a festival. Malls are decorated especially for New Year and special schema and offers are generated for people. Hotels and restaurant also decorated with special themes and special buffets and dance party are organized for New Year. For Persian New Year greetings, keep reading this post.

On New Year, holiday destination remains full with the mob; people go to different places to celebrate their new year and to make their new year memorable. New Year also gives us beautiful memories with our loved ones that we cherish for a long time. On New Year, various live concerts are also organized and people come to watch these concerts from different places and enjoy live singing and dancing with their loved ones.

If there are people who love to spend their New Year eve club and pubs so there are also people who spend their New Year eve in temples, churches and any other religious places, they give thanks to the god for giving them the opportunity to see one more year. In many religious places, special prayers are sung to welcome New Year and to say thanks to god.

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